Executive Recruitment

We realize that executives are the key to your company’s success.
Our experienced recruitment consultants know how to identify qualified professionals who will contribute to the strength of your company.

Detail Discussion with Client on Requirement

The first step that we took is discussing with Clients to determine their needs based on the Candidates education, experience, certification, salary and any other related details that are requested by our Clients.

Recruitment Contract Signed

As the next step, both Bright and Clients would be signing a Working Agreement. One of the advantage of working with us is we provide Candidate list right after the Recruitment Contract is signed.

Sourcing / Selection

At this stage, we find Candidates who meet the minimum requirements set by our Clients. We select based on the criteria needed by our Clients, then contacted the prospective Candidates to conduct initial interviews to make sure that these Candidates are in accordance with the specifications the Client’s needs.


At this stage we conduct a selection based on the CV of the Candidate and the results of the interview which we then summarize in the form of a Candidate Report. These Candidate Reports will be given to the Client to be re-selected by the Client.

Arranging Interview Schedule With Client

At this stage, we will scheduled the meeting between the Candidates and the Client’s interviewer.

Reference Checking

This is the stage which is an added value from Bright Consulting, where at this stage we will conduct a reference check by asking the employees’ superior, subordinate, and HR in the previous Company.

Additionally, we could conduct a reference check, from the Candidate’s checking education data, certification, well-behaved letters, test results (such as TOEFL and IELTS), and so on.

Signing Employment Agreement

During this stage, we will schedule a meeting between the Candidate and the Interviewer from Client.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We do this stage annually. As one of the consultants to implementing ISO 9001:2015, we also conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey as one of our steps to provide a better service.